Molly Wellmann

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Molly is a self-taught mixologist born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She spent twelve years living and working in San Francisco and returned to her beloved hometown to be closer to family. Since her return she has shaken up the classic cocktail scene not only in her hometown but also across the nation. 

Molly takes pride in her immense knowledge of the history and proper preparation of classic cocktails and fine spirits which she has gleaned mainly from reading old books. Cincinnati has a rich history in libations and Molly has brought this history back to life using classic cocktails, invented in the 1700’s to 1950’s, as a base for creating new and innovative drinks. She shakes, stirs, and pours her imaginative rendition of these classics to palate perfection using handmade simple syrups, bitters, liquors, and fresh juices. 

In 2019 Nightclub and Bar Media awarded Molly Best Bartender/Owner in the Nation.

Over the years Molly has worked at many popular restaurants and bars throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and is humbled to be a part of this creative community. She is now owner of Japp’s, founded in 1879, located on Main Street, in the heart of Cincinnati’s Historic neighborhood Over-the-Rhine. Molly and her famed establishment, Japp’s, have been honored countless times by local, as well as national, media outlets and the people of this community, all offering praise for the work she as accomplished in Cincinnati, brining classic cocktails and old neighborhoods back to life. 


Kind Words

“Molly Wellmann encouraged us to give her some direction and let her create a drink for us - so glad we did! I wanted something bourbon-y and fall-ish. Molly created an apple delicacy that was perfect in every way! My husband opted for something stronger and it did not disappoint! Molly was so friendly, so easygoing - and clearly dedicated to her craft! She spent time explaining her creations - the inspiration, the history.  It was truly a fun experience.”